SaaS and Recurring revenue

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Foundational analytics

It’s important to get the foundations right before embarking on more advanced analytics. Our work with SaaS businesses typically starts with finessing the foundational analytics. This work involves:

  • Data Engineering: Merging and cleaning data so that it can be analysed at scale to support operations, sales, and marketing

  • Automated reporting: Often generating simple KPI reports can take up an inordinate amount of time - we can automate these within weeks freeing up finance team effort

Recurring revenue analytics

Analysing SaaS growth is straightforward in principle but difficult in practice due to the need to establish clear revenue recognition rulesets and provide enough granularity to help understand complex customer behaviours. We typically support waterfall / revenue bridges that includes:

  • Acquisition cohort analysis

  • Customer acquisition modelling

Propensity modelling

Once the foundations have been laid and a descriptive analytics layer developed, it’s time to add significant value by automating predictive modelling in your SaaS business. We typically focus on the following opportunities:

  • Lead Scoring

  • Predictive Churn

  • Cross Sell propensity

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Our approach.

Depending on the timing of the SaaS business in its investment lifecycle we focus on foundational analytics, revenue waterfalls, and automated sales optimisation modelling.

Our Approach


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