White Paper

Optimising supply-chains
for uncertainty

QuantSpark’s approach for turning supply chains from pain points
to value creators




Our approach to overcome supply-chain disturbances:

Move beyond seasonal or monthly stock visibility
Develop a strategy for predicting excess stock and minimising shortfall
Automate business logic for easy productivity gains


Four key issues with legacy MRP Systems:

Open-source vs proprietary
Spiking demand
Decreased factory capacity
Global shortage of ocean freight
Data rich but insight poor




In this white paper:


Turning supply chains from pain points to value creators

The impact of global supply chain disruption on business can be severe and lasting, and many companies have been unable to adapt to changing conditions. Using our extensive analytics expertise and research, in this whitepaper we identify key issues with legacy and off-the-shelf MRP (material requirements planning) systems. We show how QuantSpark’s expertise can help clients move from simply navigating unpredictability to predicting both supply and demand.