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Working with retailers to transform their businesses using advanced analytics and software developed products

Our approach.

QuantSpark, with 7 years of industry experience, offers a comprehensive retail proposition addressing pricing, space optimisation, and range management challenges.

By leveraging advanced analytics, our expertise in pricing and promotions, space allocation, and range optimisation enables retailers to make informed decisions, enhancing their competitive edge in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Understand the strategic requirement

We’re all familiar with expensive analytics projects that have not had the transformative impact expected. At QuantSpark we ensure that our analytics has a solid strategic underpinning by ensuring that we understand as much as possible about how your business works and what your commercial objectives are before we start work.

Complement existing systems and processes

We are able to add value quickly because our approach to foundational and advanced analytics builds on and integrates with existing tools. In our experience successful analytics projects depend on selecting the projects that strike the right balance between feasibility, impact, return on investment, and ability to improve your data culture.

Focus on high-impact analytics

Through our Analytics Diagnostic service we help prioritise opportunities to deploy analytics in your business. Almost always there are too many options to choose from. We help you whittle this down to a clear roadmap and then work with you to focus on delivering high-impact analytics solutions.

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What our clients
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“We’ve been working with QuantSpark now for over two years – it all began with an Analytics Diagnostic which helped us understand where to unlock value from our customer data. Since then they have helped us implement many of the opportunities they identified – the ROI we’ve seen has been staggering.”


Customer Director,
T M Lewin

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Working with QuantSpark has provided a unique, data-driven view of our customer behaviour. The power of their approach is in automating the insight that they uncover - they are uniquely able to bring bear the latest Machine Learning techniques coupled with a razor-sharp understanding of commercial strategy.”


Ecommerce Director,
Boux Avenue

Our areas of focus.


Space optimisation:
Make your space work harder

Demand driven

Our approach here is to comprehend and quantify customer demand at the granular level – by store and product category. Retailers can optimise for foot traffic through their stores, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting sales.

Curve driven

By allocating space that optimises the relationship between Sales, profit and space, retailers can make informed decisions about store layout that maximises both customer satisfaction and financial performance.


Range optimisation:
Meeting customer choices

Customer choice

We focus on understanding the segments of SKUs that are purchased within the same range.

This enables retailers to make informed decisions about range assortment, ensuring that the right products are available to meet customer demands.


Pricing and promotions:
Increase your competitive advantage


Pricing optimisation

With data-driven insights, we help retailers find the right price points, resulting in enhanced profitability and more effective promotions.

Markdown clearance strategies

Our approach applies advanced analytics and predictive modelling. By harnessing historical sales data, we create SKU-level markdown strategies that ensure all stock clears within the designated clearance window while maximising profitability.