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Transform your business conversations into actionable insights with Meeting IQ
The ultimate tool for the modern financial services professional. Designed to address the limitations of traditional transcription and workflow solutions, Meeting IQ is not just a meeting tool; it's a comprehensive intelligence platform.

Transcribe and record

Automatically transcribe your meetings and integrate them seamlessly into your CRM or other note-taking platforms.


Summarise and analyse

Utilise advanced language models to provide summaries and extract key insights from your meetings.


Search and retrieve

Effortlessly search across meetings to find specific discussions, ensuring no valuable insight is ever lost.

Key features.

Integrated workflow

From transcription to storage, Meeting IQ manages your entire meeting workflow.

Insightful summaries

Get both short and detailed summaries, tailored to your meeting's content.

Risk and sentiment analysis

Identify project risks and gauge the sentiment of your calls with advanced analytics.

Customisable tags

Organise your information with customisable tags for easy retrieval and analysis.