AI-powered assistant that plugs into corporate networks and empowers employees for effortless knowledge discovery.
AskQS leverages advanced AI to deliver rapid enterprise information retrieval through natural language queries.


The system integrates fully into corporate tools such as Slack and existing data platforms like Confluence and Egnyte.


Time saving

AskQS aims to reduce the time wasted on searching by 70% and enhances data-driven decision making.


Search and retrieve

Built-in usage metrics and robust permissions ensure efficiency, security and compliance.

Key features.

Boost efficiency

Employees recapture hours previously wasted in manual searches. Marketing teams have seen time spent on prep work for campaigns slashed by 70%.

Supercharge decisions

Leaders and managers gain rapid access to past performance data, metrics, reports and other key inputs for judgment calls.

Minimise duplication

Project managers leverage institutional knowledge to avoid replicating previous efforts. AskQS makes it easy to check if something has been done before.

Bolster security and compliance

Usage is monitored to detect potential breaches like credentials being exposed. Data access adheres precisely to user permissions.