Growth happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

Room to thrive

You will join a collaborative, learning-focused team with competitive salaries and transparent career growth. Our scaling company ethos allows for a tight-knit, welcoming culture in a hybrid environment. Our social culture and work-life balance will suit you perfectly.

Our Values

At QuantSpark, the work we do would not be possible without the analytical rigour, creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset of our teams. That’s why we’re committed to hiring the best, and why we put so much emphasis on development, training, and taking on responsibility. You will be challenged to solve real business problems with creative flair, and to contribute your best to every project you support.


Diversity of people and ideas is essential for wellbeing and effectiveness as teams. Our interdisciplinary approach means that we produce extraordinary outcomes for our clients and also provides significant opportunities for professional development.

Analytical Rigour

We use data to cut through cognitive biases and pursue the truth for our clients. We test and probe each other's ideas and findings to ensure we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of being the best we can.


As we work together to scale up QuantSpark and support our clients in their own analytics transformation journey, we take pride in teaching, learning, developing, and sharing as a team.


Rolling our sleeves up. Grit. We focus on doing our best to get the best outcomes for our clients. We empower all our colleagues to think outside the box in order deliver innovation for our clients.

Life at QuantSpark.

We want our team to get as much as they can out of their work at QuantSpark and that’s why we put so much time into making QuantSpark a great team to be part of. Our scale-up culture allow us to maintain a close-knit and welcoming team ethos and we look forward to expanding the team in 2021 and beyond…

  • Social impact: We are passionate about giving our team the chance to have a real social impact and will you have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of impactful projects.

  • Training budget: Everyone in QuantSpark has a monthly training budget to spend on their own professional development

  • Focus on excellence: We aim to be excellent in everything we do and exhibit pride in our work.

  • Scale-up culture: We don’t often have pizzas but we do offer a unique environment to contribute to QuantSpark’s growth culture.

  • Socials: We’re a social bunch and love to get to know each other - even in COVID19 times.

Our interdisciplinary teams.

Our clients look for a new type of analyst and technologist: a team that is as fluent in top-tier strategy as they are in coding and data science . At QuantSpark we deploy interdisciplinary teams so that we can be as innovative as possible. This has the benefit of encouraging cross-team collaboration and migration - it’s typical for an Analyst to transfer to the Software Engineering team.

1. Analytics

As an Analyst at QuantSpark, you will learn the skills and abilities of a hybrid consultant, combining the activities of a business analyst and a data scientist. You will support our rapidly-growing team in our day-to-day activities including data analysis, BI dashboarding, predictive modelling, business development, marketing, market research, and writing thought-pieces.

We welcome applications from anyone with a flair for structured analysis, a real passion for technology, and ambition to improve commercial and public-sector decision-making. We’re looking for people with a creative, robust approach to solving problems – as long as you have this, you could have majored in any subject.

Roles: Analyst, Senior Analyst, Consultant, Analytics Manager, Head of Analytics

2. Analytics Engineering and Data Engineering

As an Analytics Engineer at QuantSpark you will work closely with the Analytics and Development teams to support in the development of predictive models using machine learning and advanced statistics. While similar to the more traditional role of data science, at QuantSpark we place more emphasis on the mechanics of building models that can be productionised directly applications. This role also includes elements of Data Engineering e.g. developing data pipelines and database architectures.

This role is suitable for a data scientist with substantial modelling and/or data engineering experience in a commercial setting. Often Analysts specialise as Model Engineers later in their career at QuantSpark after first learning the ropes in the Analytics team.

Roles: Analytics Engineer, Senior Analytics Engineer, Analytics Engineering Manager, Head of Analytics Engineering

3. Product Management

Working in the Product team entails bringing to life the vision of the Analytics team and clients in developing data-driven products. In practice this means working closely with Analysts, Model Engineers, and Software Engineers. At QuantSpark we both build bespoke apps or analytics platforms for clients and also develop our own SaaS products. All of our products are distinguished by their centrality to business critical functions.

Roles: Product Designer, Product Manager, Product Lead, Head of Product

4. Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering team spearheads the development of our data-driven products and tools for clients and our own SaaS tools. This covers everything from building an analytics platform for a major UK supermarket to developing a terrorist analysis tool for an international NGO. As a developer you will be driven by the desire to build tools that help solve complex problems and you will likely have an analytical background.

Roles: Developer (Frontend / Backend / Fullstack), Senior Developer, Technical Lead, Cloud Engineer, UA / Tester, Head of Development

5. Operations

Our Operations team is the backbone of QuantSpark and ensures that we’re in a strong position to expand in 2021. We believe that it’s important to be excellent in everything we do and this starts with our Operations. Our focus is on scaling up efficiently which means identifying opportunities to use technology as best as possible e.g. with best-in-class systems and processes. The Operations team also focuses on compliance and information security.

Roles: Executive Assistant, Operations Consultant, Office Manager, Accountant, Financial Director

Current vacancies.

Click below for further details of our vacancies. For more information feel free to contact us.

Analytics Consultant London


What does QuantSpark uniquely offer?

As a scale-up, we offer a new and creative approach the world of applied data science. The diversity of our portfolio of clients will give you the opportunity to work on a blend of commercially focused projects as well as work that has a profound impact on society for example through our work in counter-terrorism.

As QuantSpark is a scale-up, by joining us you will be given the chance to help shape and drive forward the nature and scope of our business. It also means that you’ll get visibility on projects from start to finish. This allows for a huge sense of ownership and achievement when the work is complete and an analytics initiative has been successfully implemented.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Our ideal candidate will have a “can do” attitude combined with a keen interest in applying analytics to real-world business problems. You may have nurtured this interest through studies or your own personal projects – either way you should be comfortable to talk about your experiences in an interview. As an individual, you will have an inquisitive mind and be keen to find meaningful solutions to real-life problems.

What’s a typical day for you?

At QuantSpark we foster a culture that is dedicated to excellence in everything we do and is also enjoyable and rewarding. Different teams have different cadences: the workload of our Analysts typically ebbs and flows based on client onboarding whilst our Developers tend to have a more consistent workload throughout the year.

What’s QuantSpark’s approach to recruitment?

Our recruitment process is stringent, for which we make no apologies. That said the feedback we have our successful hires is that they have enjoyed the process! We view the process as way for us to get to know one another and understand opportunities for professional growth. Overwhelmingly we hire for potential based on desire to learn, communication skills, and analytical rigour.

Regardless of the role you apply for, the initial steps in the process will be a CV screen and review of your covering letter. If successful, you’ll be invited to take part in a telephone interview. From there, the process will depend on the specifics of the role you’ve applied for. Most likely you’ll be asked to take part in a case study and/or a coding test which is designed to recreate the sort of work you might be supporting when working at QuantSpark. From there, you’ll be asked to join an interview to go through the case study or technical tests. Then it’s the final stage interview with Adam our CEO. For more information about this process don’t hesitate to contact us.

What’s the office culture like?

Based near Southwark, we are in an exciting part of town. Accessible by train or tube, we are easy to get to and close to various restaurants and bars. With this in mind, we have lunch together as a team at least fortnightly and aim to get out as a team for a social event once a month. Usually this takes the form of trying a range of local gastro delights, but we are open to bringing new ideas as the team grows. More pics of our socials on our Instagram page.

What’s it like working in hybrid teams?

Working in multidisciplinary teams we deliberately blend different approaches. The impact of this is that there’s always a new perspective to consider and more importantly another team member to bounce an idea or concept off. We actively encourage self-development in this way but also offer more formal ways of learning through online training and other self directed learning.

What’s career progression like at QuantSpark?

We have well-defined career progression pathways for our Analysts, Model Engineers, Software Engineers, Marketers, and Operations team. Wherever possible we seek to accelerate the careers of our team members. Unlike large consultancies, we pride ourselves on enabling professional growth.


Further questions about working at QuantSpark?