Tap into our in-house recruitment and training expertise to expand your own analytics capabilities



Companies under 20 employees



Companies scaling from 20-200+ employees



Organisations with 200+ employees

How it works

At QuantSpark we focus on improving strategic decisions by applying analytics and data science: more often than not this means we support our clients in expanding their own in house data and analytics capabilities as a complement to our own work. We find this especially impactful in the following circumstances:



QuantSpark has scoped out the Value Creation Plan (VCP) or the Analytics Roadmap and you would like to implement the plan in house 


You are building an in house analytics team and require guidance and support in doing so


QuantSpark has completed its analytics build and you would like to sustain the work by building your in house team

We bring a consultative approach to talent acquisition, using high quality bespoke training and mentoring to fight the worldwide talent shortage and enable employers across the globe to discover and better utilize the wider talent within the tech industry.

Why QuantSpark Talent?

Too often employers look to hire the top 5-10% of talent in the tech industry, but what happens when you can’t obtain that talent? Your growth slows, your future projects are delayed, you’ve had your team waste hours of time reviewing CVs and so forth. Ultimately, this all leads to a loss of revenue and profit.


Talent is a solution that opens up the door for employers to confidently hire lesser experienced staff, and have them immediately enrolled in a high quality training and mentoring program, managed by our consultants. This means you can focus on other important aspects of the individual like mindset, diversity of thought, soft skills and general education rather than looking for the niche subset of technologies you require.


We’re currently with working with both existing and new clients to support the sustainable growth of their teams. Whether long-term hires or secondments for fixed-term projects; from Insights Analysts to Analytics Engineers, we can source, up skill, and mentor candidates to set your team up for success.


Rigorous Candidate Evaluation

We use our distinct network to source and appeal to a broader range of candidates than standard recruiters.We robustly test for both technical skills and cultural fit, based on our own engagement experience with you or a rigorous needs assessment.


De-risk the onboarding process

We work with you to clearly define the role and progression path to ensure a soft landing for candidates.We offer candidates first-hand knowledge and expectations of the role from our previous project teams.


Upskill and mentor new hires

Any knowledge gaps are identified and can be addressed with training plans.QuantSpark provides early mentoring services to the candidate to ensure a smooth start.