Private Equity

Supporting portfolio companies from due diligence, to value creation planning, and analytics implementation

Our approach.

Focus on value creation from the outset

Our work within Private Equity since 2015 and for more than 50 portfolio companies has taught us the importance of building trust and confidence with management from the outset. We focus on maximising the impact of our work and ensuring success is delivered quickly - often within 3-4 weeks.

  • Portfolio Opportunity Assessment

  • Analytics Value Creation Plan (through our Analytics Diagnostic)

Deploy quickly and iterate often

Time is of the essence so it’s critical to start small and iterate often to minimise risk and maximise management buy-in.

Unlike large consultancies selling long and expensive projects, we believe in the power of agile. In our typical engagement we work in small teams over 3-4 week sprints spread out over enough time for the management team (and inhouse capability) to absorb the change.

Support through the entire investment

We aim to become your trusted analytics partner and support with training, recruitment, and team formation



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Our services.

Our Private Equity advisory team supports the entire investment fund lifecycle. This includes the Analytics Diagnostic to evaluate and prioritise the opportunity, transformational advanced analytics to create value, and due diligence support in the origination and exit processes.

Analytics diagnostic

The Analytics Diagnostic focuses on evaluating the opportunity for high-impact analytics engagements. We work with Private Equity investors and the portfolio management team to refine the Analytics Value Creation Plan. This provides the strategic framework and is vital for successful deployment of analytics. We seek to understand the portfolio company’s commercial strategy, its existing capabilities, and map these to concrete opportunities for tailored analytics initiatives.

Value creation

Our Value Creation work is focussed on delivering tangible outcomes for commercial operations, customer success, sales, and marketing teams. Typically we start by building the Foundational Analytics, we then implement specific Advanced Analytics capabilities - all whilst ensuring that we integrate this into our client’s existing data architecture and systems to reduce unnecessary costs and complexity.

Due diligence

We support Private Equity through buy-side and vendor-side data due diligence. On the buy-side we carry out the Analytics Diagnostic to prioritise opportunities. Over a 2-3 week engagement we then delve into further detail and develop dashboards to demonstrate the value of analytics to the prospective portfolio company.

On the vendor-side we develop sophisticated analytics dashboards (and underlying logic) to furnish the data room with the appropriate insight and add value to the sales process.

Analytics retainer

Many portfolio companies can find it hard to attract and retain analytics talent within the business given the scale of their operations and available budget. We work with PE-backed portfolio companies to devise the data strategy, outline the roadmap, and develop inhouse capability organically through training and recruitment.

In the short/medium term we also help senior management with day-to-day analytics queries such as building dashboards and interrogating data and in the process help train up existing analytics teams in support of a managed handover process.

Analytics value creation.

Data engineering

The most essential component of Analytics Value Creation is ensuring that data is collected, organised, and automated in a way that enables the business to generate insight that drives increased revenue and profitability. Our internal Data Engineering team (we call them Analytics Engineers) works closely with our Analytics Consultants to build the right data engineering solution for you. We specialise in AWS deployments. Services we provide:

  • Data Engineering Diagnostic

  • Migration from on-premise to cloud

  • Building data warehouses / data lakehouses

  • Creating a Single Customer View (SCV) and integrating with existing CRMs

  • Developing automated data pipelines from existing solutions to cloud instances (ETL)

It’s important to ensure that the analytical foundations are solid before embarking on more sophisticated analytics projects. Once the most appropriate Data Engineering is in place, we support the management team in building foundations of business intelligence (BI) to automate reporting and support clients in understanding complex customer behaviours. Services we provide:

  • Deep-dive data analysis and data science

  • Tableau and PowerBI dashboard automation

  • Excel model automation and transformation

  • Data Matching & Cleaning

We use advanced analytics including statistics, machine learning, and operations research to predict behaviour and carry out complex segmentation and process optimisation. These models focus on: behavioural prediction, process optimisation, recommendation algorithms, and automated marketing segmentation.

For our largest clients with complex workflows, we build bespoke cloud-based analytics platforms that leverage the best of data science and software engineering. Often our clients have existing Excel models that are no longer fit for purpose.

Through bespoke software development by our UK-based team, we deliver long-lasting impact through automation and integration with existing tools and systems. Our bespoke analytics platforms are tailored to the needs of your business and integrate best-in-class predictive analytics with the business’ existing complex operational workflow. Recent examples of bespoke development:

  • Developing a bespoke Analytics Platform for a top UK supermarket that recommends category-level space for their entire estate (1000+ stores) based on curve-clashing and mission-level analysis. This includes 5+ modules for warehouse optimisation and includes convenience stores and supermarkets (2016 - Present)

  • Building a bespoke Analytics Platform for a leading Asset Manager that scrapes 100+ Excel valuation models, seamlessly pulls data into a cloud-based data warehouse, and then visualises and analyses investment trends and decisions (2020 - Present)

How we deliver value.

We believe in providing tangible results as soon as possible and so design our analytics projects in short sprints, iterate often, and price based on a success-based model where possible. We make this happen by working in small  teams of analytics consultants, data scientists, and software engineers. 


Short sprints

We work in agile sprints that are focused on a well-defined, measurable objective.


Fast iteration

We iterate in 2-3 week sprints to build trust and confidence with your teams.



We charge according to fixed price and success-based revenue share where possible.

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