Unlocking the power of contract intelligence

How it works


ContractCube ingests your contracts, using optical recognition software to extract the contract data.
The extracted text is then ingested into the GenerativeAI processing model, where the pre-defined KPIs are calculated.
QS113_ContractCube_Revenue leakage

What is ContractCube?


The ContractCube platform uses GenerativeAI to diagnose revenue leakage across your businesses contracts.

The Problem

Modern businesses need to manage hundreds if not thousands of digital and physical contracts. For many, this is managed via Excel or traditional Contract Lifecycle Management tools which are not fit for purpose and leads to revenue leakage.

The Complexity

Managing so many contracts is manual and timely, leading to the inability and de-prioritisation of insight generation, meaning that revenue leakage goes undiagnosed and therefore unresolved.

The Solution

ContractCube diagnoses revenue leakage across your contracts, enabling teams to focus on the resolution of stopping the leakage, leading to greater on-contract-spend, reduced management overheads and maximising contract value.

Use case

High-impact revenue leakage can be caused by not tracking critical contract information