Advanced Analytics

Building models to predict, optimise, recommend and segment complex behaviours.

What we do.

We apply machine learning, statistics and operations research modelling to support behavioural prediction, process optimisation, recommendation, and segmentation. Our understanding of the importance of commercial impact leads to our work being highly applied in nature.


We use machine learning and advanced statistics to model customer and financial data to predict behaviour and performance. Recent applied data science engagements we’ve worked on include: Lead scoring, churn prediction, demand prediction, CLTV prediction, and store-level demand forecasting.


We help optimise existing processes to maximise efficiency and improve profitability. Our methodologies are applied to a variety of problems in commercial operations, sales, and marketing including: Macro space optimisation, pricing and discounting, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) budget allocation, and stock availability optimisation.


We build bespoke recommendation systems where off-the-shelf solutions are impractical or inaccurate. Much of this is first focused on identifying a specific commercial solution that has a measurable outcome. Recent examples include: customer-specific email product content, email timing recommendation based on customer lifecycle, and SKU-level ranging recommendation.


Volume and complexity of customer datasets can make segmentation hard. We apply machine learning to identify high-value segments in your customer base and use this to power predictive models. Recent examples include: modelling customer missions at a UK grocer and using this to predict demand, differentiating between value-driven customers and VIPs, identifying customers with propensity to upsell.

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What our clients
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“We’ve been working with QuantSpark now for over two years – it all began with an Analytics Diagnostic which helped us understand where to unlock value from our customer data. Since then they have helped us implement many of the opportunities they identified – the ROI we’ve seen has been staggering.”


Customer Director,
T M Lewin

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Working with QuantSpark has provided a unique, data-driven view of our customer behaviour. The power of their approach is in automating the insight that they uncover - they are uniquely able to bring bear the latest Machine Learning techniques coupled with a razor-sharp understanding of commercial strategy.”


Ecommerce Director,
Boux Avenue