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Empower your data governance with our Data Control platform

Empower your data governance with our Data Control platform

We preview QuantSpark’s forthcoming Data Control Platform, enabling managers to command their data. The Platform takes care of the data heavy lifting, ensuring security, compliance and prevents poor-quality data from infiltrating repositories.


Executive summary

A customisable application that houses data quality checks, providing you with the flexibility to tailor the platform to your unique data needs.

The Data Control Platform is your command centre for data quality. With it, you can manage data quality checks and priorities, establish data overrides, define resolution paths, easily view database schemas and metrics, and seamlessly control the health of your data pipelines, including APIs.

The Data Control Platform places a high premium on security, with features including encryption, access controls, and real-time monitoring.



The strategic use of data has become a pivotal factor in driving success within the asset management landscape. Whilst the benefits of a centralised data strategy are well known, the importance of effective data governance and control is often overlooked.

QuantSpark’s Data Control Platform is an effective wrapper preventing poor-quality data from entering your data warehouse. It is the tool needed by Asset Managers who need to automate their processes, enhance efficiency, and assure regulatory compliance, ultimately leading to improved operational performance and better returns for investors.


Why you need QuantSpark’s Data Control Platform

  1. Improved Data Quality: Elevate the overall quality of your data by implementing robust data validation checks and controls.

  2. Scalable Cloud Architecture: Harness the power of scalable cloud infrastructure to adapt to the growing demands of your data management needs.

  3. Efficiency Gains: Streamline your data processes, automate governance, and save valuable time and resources.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of regulatory requirements by implementing a platform that ensures data integrity and compliance.

  5. Tighter Security: Safeguard your data with enhanced security measures, protecting against unauthorised access and potential breaches.


How the platform works

  1. Integration of Data Sources: QuantSpark handles the heavy lifting by integrating various sources of data, whether it's internal proprietary data via Excel or information from third-party providers like Bloomberg or Charles River.

  2. ETL Processes and Validation: Pipeline orchestration is configured to perform Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes, with built-in data validation checks ensuring the reliability of your data.

  3. Pipeline Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of pipeline activities identifies errors or critical issues, allowing for prompt resolution.

  4. Intuitive User Interface: An application layer is developed to provide an intuitive user interface. This interface empowers users to handle minor issues directly, escalate serious concerns appropriately, and manually trigger pipelines for the most up-to-date data.

QuantSpark’s Data Control Platform elevates your data governance to provide the quality, security and efficiency demanded by today’s data-driven organisations.



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