Data-Driven Products

Innovative products built to revolutionise your business


Why we build products.

Our combined strategy, data science, and software development teams excel at developing analytics software to support high-impact decisions that guide complex workflow and provide competitive advantage.

High-impact decisions

Based on an in-depth understanding of your operating model and strategic requirements, we use techniques from machine learning and advanced statistics to develop sophisticated predictive models and embed these within enterprise-level bespoke analytics platforms that help you make high-impact decisions.

Complex workflow

It’s rare when one predictive model can be used in isolation from existing systems and processes. We work to understand your entire analytics ecosystem in the context of the workflow that supports day-to-day decisions in your teams to build bespoke tools that reflect and enhance your business processes.



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Competitive advantage

There are always off-the-shelf solutions that can be deployed in your business. However, these typically require significant configuration and risk duplicating efforts by your competitors. We help our clients gain strategic advantage through the development of bespoke models and tools to guide decision-making.

Three pillars of excellence and specialism


Expertise and experience


Products built to solve business problems


Iterative development

1. Expertise and experience.


Product development at QuantSpark unleashes the expertise of our multidisciplinary team to cater to your unique needs, drawing insights from a range of technical specialisms.


Clients centred

We deliver customer centric solutions, offering specialised solutions that match their unique needs. Our team of experts ensures your project is in capable hands.

Diverse Industry Experience

With a proven track record across industries, we bring valuable insights from various sectors to your project.

Industry Certifications

We hold numerous industry certifications across Project management, cloud technologies and programming languages, ensuring our team delivers industry-leading expertise.

Agnostic Technology Stack

We have experience working with various technologies and tools and can cater to your organisation's technology stacks ensuring your project is developed with the best-fit tools and frameworks.

Multi-Disciplined Team

Our versatile team brings together skills from different domains to provide comprehensive solutions across data analytics, data engineering and full-stack software development.

2. Products built to solve business problems.

Our customer-centric approach, streamlined workflows, data-driven decisions, and bespoke solutions are designed to deeply understand your challenges generating measurable ROI.


ROI analysis

Our approach prioritises measurable results, ensuring that your investment translates into tangible returns. We conduct in-depth ROI analysis, focusing on financial benefits that are crucial to your operations. Our solutions are designed to enhance profitability and efficiency, with a keen eye on metrics that directly impact your strategic goals and operational success.

Customer-centric approach

Our techniques are tailored to uncover the core of your operational challenges, ensuring alignment with your strategic objectives. We use a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods to gain a comprehensive understanding of your market dynamics and operational requirements. This approach ensures our solutions not only meet technical expectations but also resonate with your end-users, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined workflows and automation

We focus on optimising your processes through intelligent automation, enhancing efficiency and minimising manual effort. Our aim is to refine your operations, removing bottlenecks and implementing effective automation solutions. This leads to improved accuracy, consistency, and scalability in your workflows, essential for maintaining competitive advantage and growth.

Data-driven decisions

We provide the tools to power your decisions with data, establishing robust data pipelines and offering actionable insights. Utilizing advanced data analytics, we turn information into a strategic asset, equipping you with comprehensive analytics to guide decision-making. Our solutions highlight opportunities and trends, providing a competitive edge in a data-centric business environment.

Bespoke solutions

Our solutions are custom-crafted to meet your unique operational challenges. We recognize the limitations of generic solutions and focus on creating customized applications that align with your specific requirements. Our collaborative and adaptive development process ensures the final product effectively addresses your unique operational needs, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness in your daily operations.

3. Iterative development.

We employ a modularised approach, beginning with thorough discovery and analysis, prototyping, and then into fully productionised cloud-driven solutions. Our commitment extends to change management, ongoing support, and early life assistance.


Prove technical feasibility and assumptions

Use case
Test core technical concepts

Time estimate
1-2 weeks

Cost required


Next steps
Prototype or MVP


Demonstrate business concept and further define requirements

Use case
Focus on useability and experience of product (UI/UX)

Time estimate
2-6 weeks

Cost required


Next steps


Launchable product with only the rudimentary features

Use case
Receive user feedback as quickly as possible to iterate and improve the product

Time estimate

Cost required
Medium (well-defined)

Yes, to a smaller group

Next steps
Full product development

Iterative development

Our development process is characterised by an iterative approach. Through careful release management planning and rigorous testing, we ensure a smooth and efficient product launch. Iteration is a key part of our process; we continuously refine and update your product to keep it aligned with evolving business requirements and user feedback. This method allows us to adapt quickly to changes, ensuring the product remains effective in addressing your needs.

Design and architecture

Our product design and architecture phase lays the groundwork for successful development. We start with high and low-fidelity wireframes to visualise the product’s user experience and interface. Feature prioritisation is then conducted to determine the essential components that will drive value for the end-users. Our architectural designs are meticulously planned to ensure scalability, reliability, and security, forming a robust foundation for the subsequent stages of product development.

Prototyping and MVP

We begin our product development journey with the creation of Proof of Concepts (PoCs), prototypes, and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). This phase is critical in validating initial concepts and designs before full-scale development. By building MVPs, we focus on core functionalities that demonstrate the product's potential, enabling us to gather valuable feedback early on. This approach allows us to test hypotheses, refine features, and ensure product-user fit before committing significant resources.

On-going maintenance

Post-launch, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services. During the critical early stages of your project, we provide assistance to ensure a smooth transition to Business-As-Usual (BAU) operations. Our ongoing support includes regular updates, performance monitoring, and addressing any emerging issues promptly. We also offer cost-effective maintenance services, focusing on optimising the product’s performance and extending its lifecycle, ensuring your investment continues to yield value over time.

By following these steps, we ensure that each product we develop is not only technically sound but also closely aligned with your strategic objectives, delivering value and innovation throughout its lifecycle.